Our Founder – Brandi Lee

Brandi’s passion for fashion started at a young age she had an obsession with shoes from the age of 3 wearing plastic dress up heels until they would break & constantly needed replacing, as she grew older it grew stronger.

Attending events & dressing up was one of her favourite things to do, purchasing a new outfit for every occasion. Her wardrobe was an ever growing collection of beautiful dresses & her shoe collection was in the hundreds.

Having a large collection of beautiful dresses that were only worn once were no longer justifiable, she valued experiances over her wardrobe. Sustainable living & managing the lifestyle she loved in smarter ways were now her primary focus.


Brandi Lee

Brandi’s solution was to change the way she did fashion & help others do the same. Her Passion for the industry & sustainable living inspired the launch of Rock My Frock in November 2019, a dress hire business with the focus on an affordable way for ladies to wear the latest designer fashions at every event.

Bringing designer brands to her home town of Albury Wodonga bridging the gap between city & regional fashions. Rock My Frock was created for her community to have access to statement piece designer dresses. Community focus is important to her, Brandi attends local events & loves talking all things fashion. She continues to grow the collection for her clients to have access to designer fashions all year round.

With the launch of our website in July 2020 Rock My Frock is now shipping Australia Wide allowing more ladies to get on board with the evolving fashion industry.


Inspire & empower women to reduce their ecological footprint
giving them access to affordable fashion &
saving hundreds of dollars.


If you are like us & love attending events but not wanting to wear the same dress twice then dress hire is the obvious choice.

Say you spend on average $300 on each dress purchase & attend an average of 15 events per year, realistically we would probably attend more.

So $300 per dress x 15 events = $4,500 total cost per year on just dresses. Now that does not include accessories, hair, makeup or even the ticket price of the event. So if you were to hire these dresses let’s use the same calculation, a $300 dress is usually around $80 to hire.

$80 hire cost x 15 events = $1,200 total cost, saving you $3,300 per year!

So why choose designer dress hire, because it makes sense & you can feel good about doing your part to reduce the ecological footprint all whilst saving.